5/25/24- Acquisition of KISS Museum Inventory and Domain

5/25/24- Acquisition of KISS Museum Inventory and Domain

Posted by Steve Stierwalt, Jr on 1st Jun 2024

I have just acquired the remaining inventory from KISS Museum and the domain

The plan is to restore to its former glory as a premier source for updated KISS news and hard-to-find web content about our favorite band/band has a rich history of being one of the original and top KISS sites.Check in often as we go old school by providing more frequent updates and consistent coverage of everything KISS-related. We have a dedicated team to ensure we stay on top of all things KISS.By all means, if you have something to share about the band or a member of the band, etc., send it in!It will take us a bit to get started but hopefully after a few weeks we will start to become the site it was in the past.

Thank you to Peter Arquette from KISS Museum for all his years in selling KISS merchandise and trusting us with the legacy of I have worked with him a lot over the years.He will definitely be missed in the KISS merchandise realm.

I have been collecting KISS merchandise since the 70s and selling it since the early 1980s in various ways.I started out with which I worked on until around 2005.Since 2005, has been selling merchandise. We continually strive to source hard-to-find items by buying collections.We have purchased a few large collections over the last few months.We are working hard to get these new items on the website in the coming weeks.Check in often as we add these items to the site.We hope those who haven't purchased from us before or haven't tried us in a while will give us a chance to be your go-to source for KISS merchandise going forward.

We hope you will be a fan of what is coming for both sites going forward.

Steve Stierwalt, Jr
Get Over It LLC